The Classics

Arab Dallah Coffee Pot

The Dallah is an Arabic Coffee Pot. The original Dallah is used to prepare and serve traditional coffee which is a sign of hospitality in the Arab world. We can also provide it with thermic insulation.

Incense Burner

The Incense Burner or Mabkhara, is a traditional object, available in many shapes. The Incense is placed on top of burning coal to make the family and their honoured guests enjoy floral and Oudh Incense or Bakhour, after serving the coffee.

Tea Pot

The Tea Pot is used to prepare and serve traditional tea which is a sign of hospitality in the Arab world.


These sophisticated and elegant trays are available in different shapes. They are characterized by elaborated edges and flat serving platters.

Tea and Coffee cups

Glass and fine metal Milanoudh’s Tea Cups and small traditional Arabic Coffee Cups. Find out about our collection.

Perfume Holder

Milanoudh’s special collection of unique and exclusive perfume holders is inspired by his fascination with nature, his love for Italian history and culture and his admiration for modern design. Moreover it shows his skills of accomplished silversmith and artist.

Table set and chafing dish

Complete table sets and original chafing dishes can be produced on request.

Coffee and Tea set

Milanoudh produces its Coffee and Tea Set in its own factory where the best skilled craftmen work.