If elegance and character are revealed in the details then even accessories should not be underestimated. At Miladohuh we have always offered oil stick, perfumes, candle holders, candles, varying vases, glove boxes, photo frames, cutlery, jewellery boxes and other home accessories. All products are constantly well-refined and revisited according to fashion but never betraying tradition.

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  • This complement furniture decorates your home with a touch of elegance. Handmade with chisel flower and coloured enamels made in different sizes to hold any type of candle. Available in different sizes.

  • This elegant container perfect for fresh cut flowers is hand made with a gilded metal base with designed flowers glazed with polychrome enamels. Available in different sizes.

  • This tiny but extremely refined object is an example of how “Made in Italy” expresses itself even in the simplest things. It is fully hand-made, gilded and then glazed with a great variety of colours. The details of the stick will enhance the combined objects. Available in different sizes.

  • The details of this small object make it a unique and original container for the essence and perfume sticks. This product is completely hand-made in gilded metal and glazed with delicate colours. Available in different sizes.

  • An essential item on every elegant and refined table. Handmade with a chisel flower and coloured enamels to hold white or coloured tissues. Available in different sizes.

Showing all 5 results