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  • The drop shaped design makes this bottle the preferred container for your best perfumes. Made of glass decorated with elegant motifs and with a fully hand-made tap which is gilded and glazed with marvellous polychrome enamels through a unique artisan process. High quality spray pump for perfect spraying. Available in different sizes.

  • This tiny but extremely refined object is an example of how “Made in Italy” expresses itself even in the simplest things. It is fully hand-made, gilded and then glazed with a great variety of colours. The details of the stick will enhance the combined objects. Available in different sizes.

  • The details of this small object make it a unique and original container for the essence and perfume sticks. This product is completely hand-made in gilded metal and glazed with delicate colours. Available in different sizes.

  • An essential item on every elegant and refined table. Handmade with a chisel flower and coloured enamels to hold white or coloured tissues. Available in different sizes.

  • This object made with absolute attention to details will enhance the beauty of the objects you put on it and give a touch of refinement to your home. As everything we produce this object is fully hand-made in gilded and glazed metal. A modern and elegant rim with a floral motif surrounds an entirely enamelled shelf. Available in different sizes.

Showing 13–17 of 17 results