Why MilanOudh

Milanoudh is a journey starting from Milan reaching the Middle East, a land of great charm that gives us the perfumed essences like oudh. In this endless journey we collect stories and meet tastes, scents and fragments of lives that become the stories when we design and create our collections.

Milan Is Our Home

A metropolis full of life, ideas, innovation, originality, art and culture. It is a birthplace leaving an indelible mark on its children and on those who are lucky enough to visit it.

We have got lost and found ourselves again through its streets, its craft shops, its great museums, its stunning buildings and its markets.

We owe a part of ourselves to each of these places all so different from each other.

Its greatness has led us to explore more and more and go out further and further.
This is how we arrived in the Middle East where the first thing that enwraped us was the perfume of oudh. An intense and enwrapping fragrance.

To obtain oudh it takes a sacrifice and dedication: It is the result of the distillation of the agar wood, a resin which develops inside the trunks and the roots of Aquilaria tree. Its exceptional nature is due to only few Aquilaria trees produce this agar wood it is a rare and difficult find.

It is an exciting challenge. Like the challenge we live at Milanoudh where we are attached our roots and are aware that only curiosity and a tenacious research of what is beautiful allow us to create precious Italian objects to hold rare Oriental fragrances.

It is our work for you.